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The town’s biggest attraction is Denmark’s Salt Center, located at the harbour.

Here you can learn all about the history of salt, visit “subterranean” salt mines, or swim in “The Dead Sea.” Denmark’s Salt Center is an experience for the whole family.

Hos home Hobro-Mariagerfjord er vi eksperter inden for bolighandel.

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The town abounds with shops, fine restaurants and lodging establishments.

The establishment of the Birgittiner convent in approx.

1446 resulted in the rapid sprouting of trade and craft industries.

You can also combine the Vintage Railway and Svanen in “triangle trip.” The nature surrounding Mariager offers plentiful opportunities for hiking, bicycling, fi shing and sailing.

From Hohøj, Scandinavian’s highest Bronze Age burial mound, there is a fabulous panoramic view.

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