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durch  |  05-Jan-2016 12:03

It's a pattern that saw an ambitious vision beaten into submission by bad judgement to become a miserable relic of a road scheme that is now on the cards.

We went to see the exhibition at Singleton to get the griff for our readers.

He was accompanied by other Government luminaries including Paul Maynard MP and Mark Menzies MP, and lesser local ones - including Wyre's Chief Executive and Council Leader.

Singleton hall lodge lane-86

The highwaymen from 'Highways England' (the new persona for the former Highways Agency, and before that, the Department of Transport) were unfailingly polite and willing to engage (to use the vernacular of the day) with us to discuss what they were up to and why.

As we wended our way around their display tables and spoke with them, we formed the conclusive view that we were not at all keen on ANY of the options that they were proposing, but we lay the blame less with the highwaymen and more with their lords and masters who had devised their brief and set the parameters in which they had to work - as we shall explain....

SYNOPSIS We begin with a Prologue, a quick preface to the story, then a short Background highlighting our previous articles on this matter.

Next we look at an overview of the Present Idea before looking in some detail at Option1 which is the preferred option of the highwaymen.

Next we look at an alternative called Option 2, before outlining a Quick comparison of the options.

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