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durch  |  17-Sep-2016 07:39

From what you have told me, my best guess is that you have a pre WWII Walther KKW training rifle. These rifles were single shot and carry the proof marks that you reference.

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There are groves down the barrel for what appears to be mounting sites for a weaver style mount.

Any insight on the history of this rifle or where I can find information would be greatly appreciated. Answer Dave, I am way outside of my expertise on this one, but will try to give you what I know.

I hope you'll take that into consideration if you decide to leave a rating for me.

Take a look at the rifle and see if it is also stamped with the words "Kal .22 Lang Fur Buchsen" Sounds like someone might have removed the rear sight, as there should be a tangent type with multiple graduations.

Also, if there is a circular proof stamp on the stock, with something like "S A d.

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