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Associations followed and soon we had our subject: a colossal rubber stamp, an object then still common in the office culture of the surroundings (though, like many of our subjects, verging on obsolescence), with a decidedly architectural character, scaled to mediate between the street and the atrium behind the sculpture.

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(8.8 x 7.9 x 14.9 m) Commissioned December 1982 by SOHIO (later BP America, Inc.) Gift of BP America, Inc.

The base on which the sculpture was to be situated was an area made of concrete that reminded us of a stamp pad.

Halfway through, however, the company changed ownership, becoming British Petroleum; as a result the sculpture was abruptly canceled.

There were protests in the city and eventually we were offered alternative sites by a committee to preserve the sculpture.

Osternburg Wenn es um Liebe und Beziehungen geht, dann sind Menschen mit Behinderung genau wie alle anderen auch.

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