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By the end of 2009, the ALPS had been used in over 1,000 dogs and cats by more than 50 surgeons in Europe, the Americas, and Japan. Minimize vascular damage to both periosteum and endosteum; 2.

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While in most cases, the end result was still bony union, many of the major complications of internal fixation can be linked to the vascular damage caused by surgical intervention and the implants used. Two engineering proposals from the Straumann Institute, Waldenburg, provided early leads: (i) Brunner proposed to increase dynamic compression plate (DCP) deformation tolerance in fatigue by transverse undercuts between the screw holes, evening out longitudinal variation in plate stiffness; (ii) Sutter developed a mandibular reconstruction locking plate system. conventional plates demonstrated the mechanical advantages of locked screws.

The scientific basis of biological internal fixation: choosing a new balance between stability and biology. Accept both regular and locking screws in all holes; 4.

Use superiorly biocompatible titanium and titanium alloys.

Numerous publications have documented the PC-Fix design and clinical results. Currently an in vitro study comparing ALPS plates with other plates is ongoing at the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University.

Results will be referenced once the study is complete and published.

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