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durch  |  14-Feb-2015 09:18

Most of the German universities are public, so you will only have to pay an administration fee which usually costs around 100 - 200 EUR/year.

This fee covers the Student Organisation services and your enrolment.

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Germany is a pretty accessible country where you will need around 800 EUR/month, including accommodation, which also is the largest expense you will have.

Larger cities, such as Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart, Frankfurt or Dusseldorf require total living costs of 800 – 950 EUR/month while smaller cities are cheaper.

Housing is the highest monthly expense you will have and it represents 34% of the total budget.

Germany is a study destination that provides you with high rewards and world renowned degrees.

Quality is one of the major characteristics of university programmes of Germany, whether they are undergraduate or postgraduate degrees.

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