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Away from the landmarks, workers of the Deutsche Bahn (German railways) often speak English reasonably well, and ticket machines have a language selection feature.In general, older people in Cologne tend to have little or no knowledge of English, while younger Germans and those working in the business world tend to be reasonably proficient.Cologne is a traditionally Ripuarian-speaking city, though this has mostly been replaced by German, which is now the main language of the city.

Cologne has an excellent public transport network consisting of trams, local trains and buses.

Bicycles are also available for hire on the northern side of the Hauptbahnhof.

For tourists who speak German and wish to practice it, the citizens usually have a lot of patience with those trying to come to grips with the language.

Cologne's citizens are very friendly and jovial people, welcoming tourists of all types and with all interests.

Local transport systems rarely provide announcements in English, but network maps are commonly available to assist with your journey.

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