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durch  |  08-May-2016 19:11

The manoeuvres, which took place in March, assumed that a Western-backed uprising against President Vladimir Putin was taking place in Moscow.

Under the scenario posited by the exercise, Russia responded by launching a simulated assault on four regional neighbours.

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Russia is carrying out a regular series of military exercises near the borders of Nato countries, involving land, sea and air forces.

Nato has responded with drills of its own, including “BALTOPS 2015”, an exercise in the Baltic earlier this month involving 49 warships from 14 Nato countries.

Significantly, Finland and Sweden chose to join these manoeuvres as Nato “partner” countries.

The Kremlin’s military manoeuvres betray a preoccupation with achieving dominance of the Baltic – and a willingness to use nuclear weapons.

Some troops practised attacking Norway with the aim of seizing an area in the north of the country.

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