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The first was in Royal National Theatre productions of in a 1966 stay that included a meeting with Helene Weigel, Bertolt Brecht’s widow and head of the Berliner Ensemble theatre.“At the checkpoint into East Berlin, when the guards came with the mirrors on sticks they used to check under cars, she told them to f**k off, or the German equivalent,” he says.One false move and the enormous projection of his face vanishes from the gauze screen.

“This is important not just for our work with Beckett but also for the Gate itself,” he says.

Michael Gambon is concentrating on his spaghetti bolognese, and on keeping it away from his green tweed jacket, when he announces: “Oh, Beckett is great fun.” The Irish-born actor didn’t appear to be having fun onstage a few minutes earlier in , taunted by the disembodied voice of a past lover as a camera captured his tormented face in pitiless close-up, the image projected on to a gauze screen.

The Gate’s stage version of Beckett’s teleplay , marked the Dublin theatre’s German debut last week, at the Ruhrfestspiele.

“We’ve done Beckett all over the world, even in China, but in our 86 years we’ve never been to Germany.

As my mother always said, you wait to be asked.” It’s Michael Gambon’s second time performing in Germany.

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