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durch  |  14-Oct-2015 07:18

When trying to put a group on a bullseye target at 50ft, it makes a big difference compared to the big, blocky combat sights on my 9mm Glock. I found this out the hard way I started a shooting 22 first for 500 rds then switched to a .45 the recoil felt so bad that i HAD TO STOP SHOOTING. In addition to the anticipation of recoil, I believe another factor in people shooting .22 pistols more accurately is the grip.

Most .22 pistols have a narrower grip than modern double-stack pistols.

If this was easy, there would be no challenge to shooting and we would all look just like the pros out there (they practice a hell of a lot to be as good as they are).

I have no idea, but took my Ruger MKIII to the range two days ago. If you don't belive me go to the range shoot 500 rds thru a .22the .45 9mm or .357.

Standing, rapid fire, 8" circle steel, 35 yards, 9/10 hits. Could have never done that with my .45, unless I really took my time. Next range session shoot your .45 9mm or .357 first then shoot the .22me then which is easier to shoot.

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