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The new data types include separate types for date and time, and expanded data types with greater range, precision, and time-zone awareness. NET Framework version 3.5 Service Pack (SP) 1, the .

NET Framework Data Provider for SQL Server (System. Sql Client) provides full support for all the new features of the SQL Server 2008 Database Engine. NET Framework 3.5 SP1 (or later) to use these new features with Sql Client.

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The datetime2 data type combines the range and precision of the date and time data types into a single data type.

Versions of SQL Server earlier than SQL Server 2008 only had two data types for working with date and time values: datetime and smalldatetime.

Both of these data types contain both the date value and a time value, which makes it difficult to work with only date or only time values.

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SQL Server 2008 introduces new data types for handling date and time information.

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