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Kehler began his Air Force training while in college with the United States Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps detachment at Penn State.While Kehler was in college, the Vietnam War caused controversy on campus and his ROTC unit was omitted from the Penn State Yearbook for the years 1971-1973.Crew shifts rotated to ensure individual silos missile had coverage 24 hours a day.

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As a strategic missile wing in the height of the Cold War, Malmstrom's missile field was the largest in the United States covering 23,500 square miles (61,000 km) and maintaining 200 Minuteman II intercontinental ballistic missiles in four missile squadrons.

His unit continued to excel though, winning the Air Force Outstanding Unit Award for the academic years 1971--5.

Kehler was a distinguished ROTC graduate and officially entered into active duty service in April 1975.

He oversaw a global network of satellite command and control, communications, missile warning and launch facilities, and ensures the combat readiness of America's intercontinental ballistic missile force. He is currently responsible for the plans and operations for all U. forces conducting strategic deterrence and Department of Defense space and cyberspace operations.

He led more than 39,700 space professionals who provide combat forces and capabilities to North American Aerospace Defense Command and U. He officially retired from the Air Force on January 1, 2014 after over 39 years of service. Robert Kehler was born April 7, 1952 in Danville, Pennsylvania.

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