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Should we stop the flow of shipbuilding technology from Hansa towns to Holland?

As a new ruler, it is customary to hold a Hansetag where the league's members are invited to participate in the central meeting.

The merchant Georg Giese, who formerly worked in London as a member of the Hanseatic League, has returned to Danzig.

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As the envoys haven't managed to reach a conclusion as to which of these matters we should address, and although the consensus-building at the Hansetag is supposed to follow the Low Saxon tradition of Einung, it is our duty to decide which matter to address.

An official of the Hanseatic League from Cologne, Heinrich Sudermann, was elected to the post of Syndic in 1556.

He became a permanent official with legal training who worked to protect and extend the diplomatic agreements of the Hansa member towns.

We, the Hansa, sell ships everywhere in Europe, including Italy and control most of the shipbuilding market, mainly in Lübeck and in Danzig.

Holland wants to favor Bruges as a huge staple market at the end of a trade route and is starting to become a competitor of us in shipbuilding.

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