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He experimented first with fitting lenses to rabbits having made casts from Plaster of Paris.Later he moulded the eyes of cadavers in the mortuary.“So, like you don’t have a surgery to remove that and then that means you’re the woman,” Kim says while motioning downwards. He also revealed in the two-part special that he stole Kim and Kris Jenner‘s clothes, and he even wore high heels in front of Khloe! Bruce gathered his daughters for an emotional conversation about his surgeries to look like a woman on part one of the special.

One such lens he actually placed on his own eye for about 2 hours without any reported subjective symptoms!

While he’s opened up about the facial surgeries he’s underwent or undergoing, Bruce also admitted to a curious Kim and Kourtney Kardashian that he’s taking his time with removing his penis. When Kourtney asks her stepdad what happens next after his facial surgeries, Bruce reveals that it becomes “hard to play the other side” referring to his former life as a man.

Kourtney asks him if he just picks a day to decide when he’s going to start doing what, to which Bruce shockingly responds, “I’m just going to play it by ear.” Kim then steps in with what we’ve all been wondering — if he has a set surgery date to remove his penis. “You can do an awful lot down there…as of right now, no, as of right now, no.” It’s good that Bruce is taking his time with the transition.

Good for Bruce for keeping the communication completely open with his family — that’s the most important part! Are you shocked that Bruce hasn’t set a date to remove his penis?

Special Adviser on Contact Lenses, Tim Bowden, delves further into this little heralded aspect of contact lens history.

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