Erodating Regensburg internet dating 

durch  |  30-May-2016 14:16

The city of Cologne receives about 700,000 Euros a month.

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This means they risk deportation if they report ill treatment to the police.

Prostitution is already legalised in The Netherlands, and could be legalised very soon in Belgium.

Sweden legalised prostitution about 30 years ago, but recriminalised it after about 20 years.

Registered prostitutes are regularly given free mandatory health checks, and it is also possible for customers to write up contracts with sex workers in order to protect them in the case of the desired 'services' not being rendered.

Recent articles in several English language news portals told the story of an unemployed 25 year-old IT specialist who was told by her job centre that her benefits would be removed if she did not accept a prostitution job offered to her.

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