Dating seiten fur sex Berlin

durch  |  31-Oct-2014 21:40

We created My Transsexual Date because we wanted to help people connect.We wanted to help transgender women and trans-oriented men to meet.

For many transsexual women around the world, Berlin (and whole Germany) is a haven where transsexuals can express themselves freely, go through their transition safely, and even meet love.

Yes, German men have the reputation to be open about dating transsexual women.

But a dating site that actually respects transsexuals and aims to make their members successful in finding love, that is new!

They’re not shy to stroll around freely, on the street, in the malls or in the clubs. Though not all transsexuals like to be categorised as such, and prefer to hang out in straight places. Even though society is accepting them, German transsexuals don’t necessarily put their status forward at any occasion.

That’s the thing with European transsexual women, they are more discreet than their Asian sisters., but it doesn’t mean they’re not confident about themselves. Meeting transsexuals can become a challenge if you don’t know where to look.

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