Wie kann ich im internet frauen kennenlernen - Dating profil Lejre

durch  |  30-Jan-2016 00:33

The little one cherishes the animals and I talk to the friendly and very informative staff about pre-history and archeological evidence. Your children will both chilled, scared and well informed when you leave the green hills.in the summertime, Lejre is filled with middleagepeople, making food, slaugthering hens, baking bread - you will participate. Lejre Research Centre (or 'Land of Legends' as it is also branded) is a collection of villages and workshops attempting to recreate conditions from different eras in the Nordic history.It's an interesting, educating and fun place to visit, no matter if you have 2-3 hours or a whole days to kill.

In the summertime, volunteers actually live there, clothed in authentically recreated garments and basically living, working, cooking and sleeping under the same conditions as people from the Stone-, Iron- and Viking Era 10,000 or 1.000 years ago, respectively.

There's also a number of workshops, where you can see how the smith, the tanner or the weaver etc. From time to time, archaeologists and students use the area to recreate setups and methods of the relevant era.

Set in beautiful, lush surroundings, the place gives its visitors a chance to see, smell, taste and touch 10.000 years of Danish history.

The "hands-on" site/museum has a cornucopia of activities and places of interest: viking and medieval events, houses that visitors can enter and live in, workshops, sacrificial bogs, domestic animals, canoes to sail, chances to learn how to make food from a specific time period.

They have settings from the Iron Age, Stone Age, Viking Age and 1800th century, and activities for both adults and children.

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