Dating dk login Vesthimmerlands

durch  |  23-Jun-2015 21:52

Jørgen Hansen tells about the unique landscape and the enormous amount of birds.

Curator Anna Noe Bovin from the Historic Museum in Mors tells the story about the town, its monastery, church and harbour.

Martin Daasbjerg tells about the place and about some of its owners.

He is the leading person behind the concept "Danish Duck" and runs Denmark's largest organic duck production on the fields of the manor.

The Limfjord Centre in the old and well preserved Doverodde Merchant's House is the starting point of Søren Kiel Andersen's tale about the Limfjord and the people, who have lived alongside it from the Stone Age and until now -- and of course about some of the species which live in the fjord.

The bird sanctuary Han Herreds Vejler is one of the most important bird locations in Northern Europe -- and for migratory birds it is no doubt the best "cafeteria" on their "highway" between Northern Scandinavia and Africa.

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