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durch  |  15-Nov-2015 19:02

But the Thor silo that is located there at the moment surely isn't eye-candy. The finished tower may differ from the one shown above. Think it's the one I posted because of the corner that is "cut of". I'll change the first post when I'll find out which one is the final rendering .

In the district plan it looks different: 23) However, in the original document by Arkitema from Feb. Even an approval can't get me that excited at the moment.

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The lowered it from some ~24 floor to 12, because they don't think it is possible to sell too many apartments at the moment.

Hope it won't happen for the Randers tower, but I have my fear.

Anyone know of the highrise is planned as part of the first stage?

Hi; I haven't been active in here yet, but now the time has come.

It's located in the area where the Thor brewery is located at the moment.

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