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While the early combat aircraft lacked the range for an operation against Tønder, this was solved by the eventual development of the first aircraft carrier, HMS Furious.

As it was never improved, most (if not all) of the aircraft based at Tønder were damaged at some point during landing accidents. The Zeppelin base at Tønder Was a thorn in the side of the Allies during the war.

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Dating denmark Tønder

The first two hangars were finished in March 1915, and the first airship, Parceval PL25 arrived at the base on 23 March 1915.

Barracks for about 600 soldiers, central heating, a water treatment plant and a weather service completed the airfield.'Toska' earned herself a bad reputation from the beginning because of many accidents.

Before she was even finished in November 1915 she was involved in a gas filling accident with Zeppelin L18, destroying the airship.

The airbase consisted of the airship hangars 'Tobias' and 'Toni', the double hangar 'Toska' (730feet long, 220feet wide, 130 feet high) and on the south side of the airfield a hangar for 5 Albatros D-III air defense fighters.

A gasworks and hydrogen storage tanks provided the lifting gas for the airships.

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