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More intensive use of the LCDR mainline through Elephant & Castle, however, is limited by bottlenecks north, south, east and west.These will dictate the extent of fundamental restructuring we are prepared to tackle, and the level of investment required.

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Here we explore one key bottleneck: at Herne Hill, where the Wimbledon-Blackfriars route crosses the busy Kent Mainline on the flat.

The 2008 South London RUS identifies Herne Hill as one of a small number of , but no solution is presented in the 2011 London & South East RUS.

Resolving Herne Hill will unlock capacity on a number of routes, but it is clearly a thorny problem.

The extensive RUS process has already yielded a long shopping list of potential projects, including some big ticket items such as Crossrail 2.

We are more likely, however, to see a package of more modest investments in CP5 (Control Period 5, 2014-2019) which will pave the way for more ambitious projects in CP6.

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